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Yolanda Melendez

My name is Yolanda Melendez, I am very excited to be participating in the ReMend Mentoring Program, I want to help as well as support, chronic kidney disease patients and let them know there is hope in getting their health back.

Kidney patient experience

In September 2001, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant, I felt emotionally destroyed as my symptoms had worsened. I did not have any family in US, just my husband, who was of a great support for me during my dismay. In August 2002 I started hemo-dialysis; my doctor told me my kidney function was working at 5%. My father came from Mexico to be my kidney donor; and my surgery was held in January 2003.

“Thanks to God, to my father, and my medical team, I am healthy today. I want to tell and show everyone with chronic kidney disease that they can also be healthy.”

The kidney transplant is a gift from God.

I live in City Heights; I am available to mentor anyone who needs me.

Languages spoken
Spanish and English