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Phil Pressel

My name is Phil and I am one of the mentors with the ReMend mentoring Program for End Stage Renal Disease patients in the San Diego area.


In 1995 I lost my right kidney to cancer and was cured upon its removal. In 2001, due to a partial necrotic bowel problem, my body went into total organ failure. After my recovery my remaining kidney’s function started to decline. My Nephrologist told me that when my kidney function got down to below 20% I would become a candidate for a kidney transplant.

We always thought that my wife would be my donor since we had the same blood type but when we found out she was a leukemia carrier we were devastated and I was then put on the donor list.

“I am a survivor of many hardships and numerous health problems including kidney failure. My strong positive attitude, desire to have a good quality of life and support from my wife and my medical team helped me through the process.”

We eventually received two offers to donate a kidney. They were from my wife’s nephew and his wife. After many tests my niece was ultimately approved and I received one of her kidneys in April, 2006.

Throughout my ordeal I had tremendous support from my wife and my whole medical team. I understand now how important it is to be well informed about the kidney transplant process, that there will be emotional ups and downs and the importance of emotional support.


I live in downtown San Diego and am happy to provide mentoring in the San Diego area to those that want a Mentor.


Language spoken are English and French.