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Pedro Tapia

Hello, my name is Pedro Tapia and I am one of the Mentors with the ReMend Mentoring Program in the San Diego County area.


Some people donate their kidney to a friend or a stranger, in my case I donated a kidney to my brother, I can say I did not think much of it because we have always been very close since childhood we were accomplices in many pranks and although we have been through very difficult times and we also had some very happy moments and this would not be the exception.

In 2011 my brother got very ill we were in Vegas and instead of having fun he was in bed and very sick. A week later at home he was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis: total kidney failure, I was very sad and I thought to myself if there is anything that I can do, not to see my brother sick, I’ll do it so we started the donation process.There were two more family members that volunteered for the testing as well but I knew in my heart that I was going to be a better match.

After a several tests and a lot appointments the doctor told me I was overweight and with 240 pounds would be very difficult to donate an organ so I changed my diet and started to walk half an hour daily, in less than a year down nearly 70 pounds, all this helped me improve my own health and feel better. Since the surgery on October 31, 2013 I only needed 2 weeks to be back at work and I have not felt any significant difference to how I felt before the surgery.

I was able to provide a better quality of life for my brother he is able to work to provide for his family and this served us as a life lesson. I think that is very cool just to think that a part of me lives and helps my brother live –  I’m ok and he is ok!

So we’re ReMend mentors, because we believe that some people are reluctant to donate because they are afraid or are not well informed.

I invite you to call me with confidence in English or Spanish and I am sure that by sharing my experience with you you’ll discover that it is a life experience, and will give you a big satisfaction feeling that you done the right thing.

Use your heart and donate a kidney. Do not think about organ donation as you loosing something for someone to continue living, actually you gain the respect and admiration of your family and friends and the gratification to know that you helped someone.

To me is an honor to be a donor.

Donating an organ might not make the world go round, but it will be worth to be in it. To me is a honor to be a donor


I am willing to travel anywhere to provide mentoring support for those that want/need a mentor.

Languages spoken are English and Spanish.