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Paul Dinich

Hello, my name is Paul Dinich and I am one of the Mentors with the ReMend Mentoring Program for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients in the San Diego County area.


When I was 15, I was diagnosed with Lupus and a biopsy showed that my kidneys were affected.  The treatment at the time was the chemotherapy drug, Cytoxan.  After two years of treatment, my disease went into remission and I was put on prednisone and IMURAN (which later was replaced with CellCept).  Unfortunately, my disease came out of remission when I was 30 as I was finishing up graduate school.  I can remember how scared I was when my doctor told me my kidney function was diminishing quickly and that I would need dialysis.

I started hemodialysis with a catheter and quickly had a fistula put in.  Unfortunately, because my disease makes me more prone to blood clots, my fistula clotted and I had to have a graft put in.  My dialysis regimen was three times a week for four hours.  On September 5, 2012, after almost a year of dialysis, I received a successful kidney transplant at Sharp Memorial Hospital.  Today, I have been blessed with great kidney function and my donor is doing very well.

“The last thing anyone expects in life is to receive a transplant. I joined ReMend to help those in ESRD have a better understanding of what to expect during the dialysis and transplant processes from a patient’s point of view.”

I live in Downtown San Diego and I am willing to travel anywhere in San Diego County to provide mentoring support for those that want/need a mentor.

Language spoken is English.