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Michael Johnson

Hello, my name is Michael  and I am one of the Mentors with the ReMend Mentoring Program for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients in the San Diego County area.


I have been on dialysis since 1993. I started in clinic dialysis in early 1994. I have had 3 transplants in 1995, 1998, and 2003 but have been back on the machine since 2001. In 2006 I was offered the opportunity to use the Nxstage machine and do hemodialysis at home. I have been at home since then. My labs are good, I am able to travel , and taking more responsibility for my own health has been a priority for me. I am at the top of the transplant list with over 13 years of accrued time, and still trying to get a successful transplant.


I live in Normal Heights and I am willing to travel in San Diego county to provide mentoring support for those that want/need a mentor.


I speak English and some Spanish