What Is Dialysis

Healthy kidneys keep a balance of water and chemicals in your blood all the time. To do this, they:

  • Filter out water and wastes
  • Control blood pressure
  • Make hormones

Home Dialysis Basics

There are different options for doing dialysis at home. One of them might be a good fit for your lifestyle and needs right now.

  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Home Hemodialysis

It’s Your Choice

Sadly, far too people with kidney failure know that there are home dialysis options that can help them feel better and live longer

  • How much do you value your lifestyle?
  • Your quality of life?
  • Your income?

Paying For Treatment Q And A

How is dialysis paid for?

Besides Medicare, how is home dialysis and training covered?

When does Medicare start if I decide to take it?

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Choosing Your Treatment

How do you choose a treatment when you don’t want any of them? This is what some people with kidney failure ask themselves. You don’t want dialysis! You want your life to stay the way it was.

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Daily Home Hemodialysis

Daily Home HD Benefits In Brief:

  • Portable – Take it with you
  • Flexible – Choose treatment times that fit into your life
  • Control – Eat, drink, and have visitors during treatments

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In partnership with MEI, ReMend is hosting MEI’s Home Dialysis Education Modules on our site.  In addition we will also host patient articles that we think as a potential dialysis patient will be beneficial in showing you how other people just like you have chosen the best Home Dialysis Treatment Option for themselves.  These articles will provide inspiration for how you go about choosing the right treatment option that fits your needs and lifestyle values.  But you are not alone in this endeavor, there are many resources to assist you in the process.

ReMend mentors, many of whom have been on home dialysis and in some cases are still on home dialysis are available to assist you in this process.  We do not provide medical advice, that is left up to the Doctor’s and Nurses’ that provide your medical support.  What ReMend Mentor’s can provide is our own personal experience on how we went about choosing our dialysis treatment option.  The issues and obstacles we faced and overcame in our successful journey in living with kidney disease and dialysis.  Most of ReMend’s Mentors have successfully undergone transplantation.

How to request a meeting with a ReMend Mentor to assist you on the path to choosing the right Dialysis Treatment option is easy, contact us by phone or email or via your BNMG medical provider.

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