Home Dialysis Basics

There are different options for doing dialysis at home. One of them might be a good fit for your lifestyle and needs right now.

Types Of Home Dialysis

  • Easy to do
  • No needles
  • Gentle on your heart
  • Take it along when you travel
  • Fit treatments around your life
  • Fewer food and drink limits
  • Take it along when you travel
  • More dialysis than standard HD
  • Have friends visit during dialysis
  • This is the most dialysis of any option
  • Better energy, sleep and intimacy
  • Few food and drink limits
  • May live longer than with standard HD
  • Twice as much dialysis as standard HD
  • Keep your days free
  • You may feel better and live longer
  • No partner needed
  • No machine at home
  • More dialysis than standard In-Center HD
  • Feel more in control than in a center
  • Set your own schedule
  • Have friends visit during dialysis
  • See pluses and minuses
  • Six treatment options compared
  • Learn what might fit you best
  • Download the chart as a PDF