Once hemodialysis is started, it is very important to watch your fluid intake, because your kidneys cannot get rid of all the excess fluid as urine.

In addition the dialysis treatment is limited in the total amount of fluid that can be removed each session. It can be a challenge for dialysis patients to find the right balance of fluid intake. This is where you can rely on your treatment team for support and guidance. One approach to controlling thirst is to limit salt intake. Your dietician can help you identify hidden sources of salt and educate you about alternatives, ie herbal seasoning.

In addition to a new awareness of fluid and salt intake, you will learn about helpful dietary changes to make. Choosing foods that are lower in potassium and phosphorous will be important. Your dietician will provide individualized menu planning based on your weight, food preferences, kidney function, and other medical diagnoses.

The ReMend Team

Hemodialysis requires a big commitment and life change for patients. But it is important to remember that you are not alone in this new endeavor. At ReMend there is a team of trained and compassionate mentors that have experienced hemodialysis and that through their personal experience with hemodialysis, understand the importance of managing fluid control and the adjustments they had to make while on hemodialysis.  Because of this personal experience that our Mentors have experienced, they can share with you what specific steps/adjustments they made to keep their fluid intake under control while on hemodialysis.