Board Of Directors

Dennis Bourque

Co-Founder / Board Director

After dealing with kidney disease for most of his life Dennis was fortunate to receive his brother’s kidney after a successful transplant in 2010. Dennis served on multiple nonprofit boards for years and made the decision to start ReMend to help patients and their families move forward with their lives after being diagnosed with kidney disease.
“I believe that by utilizing mentors own past experience with ESRD we can help patients build the resiliency and hope that is necessary in coping with the lifelong effects of kidney disease.”

Dennis contributes to the overall vision and strategy for ReMend and its dedicated team of mentors.

Previously Dennis was CEO of  Xitron Technologies, a medical device company focused on hydration in dialysis patients. His ten years of experience working with medical research and dialysis companies provided him with a unique perspective and resolve to help get ReMend started.