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Bob Lamberg

Hi, my name is Bob Lamberg and I am one of the Mentors with the ReMend Mentoring Program.


Throughout my life I’ve faced many health issues:  Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Quadruple Heart By-Pass, Blindness in 1 Eye, In a Wheelchair and ESRD. I’m currently an in center HEMO Dialysis patient 3 days a week.
Yes, it’s been a bumpy road, but I must say that I have been Blessed with a Positive Attitude, a  Wonderful Wife of over 33 years, Family, Friends and a great Support System that helps me through all the trials and tribulations. Keeping active by still doing the things I love to do
is a real key for me.

ATTITUDE is Everything! We all go through dark periods in our lives, but with a good attitude, the clouds can part and let the light shine through. It would be my Privilege to help you see the light. Remember: Where there’s Light, there’s Always Hope!

I live in Ocean Hills Country Club. I am available to Mentor in Oceanside / Vista or North County Areas.

Language spoken is English.