ReMend Mentors Organization

ReMend is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization that was formed with Balboa Nephrology Medical Group (BNMG) along with a core group of past and present End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients that have undergone either dialysis, kidney transplant or both. Current and former patients with kidney disease and their caregivers will provide encouragement and assistance to patients undergoing treatment for kidney disease to increase patient resiliency and morale as well as being trusted sources of information based on personal experience. ReMend’s programs is patient-centric and designed to provide guidance, assistance and education to all patients with kidney disease, their families and others involved in their care and treatment. ReMend’s programs and services are funded by donations from the general public, government grants and corporate contributions.


As kidney disease progresses to kidney failure, patients must begin evaluating treatments to decide which is right for them–dialysis (various types), home dialysis, transplantation or palliative options.  For many, this is a confusing and stressful time. Not only must they adjust to life with a chronic illness, but they must make difficult choices about treatments that will profoundly impact their lives. Many patients have described the “shock’ of being told they must soon choose treatment for kidney failure and said they had found it helpful to talk to other patients. However, the conversations mostly happened by chance in clinic waiting rooms and elevators rather than by design.

A trained mentor can be the face of hope for anyone facing dialysis or a transplant. Mentors can provide guidance and encouragement, be good listeners, and most importantly, share their experiences, as they have been there. This one-on-one communication with another dialysis or transplant patient offers both an individualized and highly personal account of the dialysis and transplant process that is rooted in the mentor’s own experience. Our goal is to provide the assistance that shows how a patient can navigate through their renal failure leaving them with a feeling that they “are not alone”. This alone can have a powerful healing effect.

Mentors come from all different backgrounds and all potential mentors are individuals with a POSITIVE outlook on managing their disease and who are committed to providing support to others.  Referred by the renal care team, they can be kidney transplant donors, kidney transplant recipients, dialysis patients, and family members of patients, adolescent or adult. ReMend Mentors do not offer medical advice; that is, they are trained to refer patients back to the healthcare team if medical questions arise.

Because ReMend is a collaboration consisting of Balboa Nephrology, Sharp Memorial Hospital Transplantation Center and Fresenius Medical Care, we believe we are in a unique position to affect positive outcomes related to the quality of life for our ESRD patients. Trained ReMend mentors will share their experience and wisdom to affect the following quality incentive programs (QIP)

ReMend along with our partners will measure the following:

  • Home Dialysis education & choice
  • AVF vs. Catheter as dialysis access
  • Help to prevent missed dialysis treatments
  • Fluid overload and CHF
  • Increase in Donors & Transplants
  • Transplant Medicine Adherence