ReMend is committed to providing no-cost mentoring, encouragement and guidance to those affected by kidney disease, their families and others involved in their care and treatment.

Patients helping patients
Dennis Bourque founded ReMend to offer mentoring to people with kidney disease
ReMend mentors have undergone dialysis, successful kidney transplants and kidney donations – we understand what you are going through.

ReMend provides no-cost mentoring, encouragement and guidance to those affected by kidney disease, anyone facing dialysis, a transplant or a living donation.

Our culturally diverse team of trained volunteers participate in various education classes, community outreach programs such PEP Talks as well as one-on-one mentoring.

ReMend is part of your overall healthcare team that includes support from friends, family, your medical staff and social workers. Our goal is help you gain a better understanding of your circumstances so that you can make informed health choices and live a higher quality of life.

Home Dialysis Therapy Options from Beth Ballaro on Vimeo.

ReMend mentors share their thoughts on home dialysis therapies and what worked best for them.


“ I know when I was told I needed dialysis, I felt like my world would end. It was so helpful to have someone who has experienced it before to encourage me and let me know it would be alright.”

-Dialysis Patient

“Donating my kidney was the RIGHT thing to do. There was never any doubt as to what needed to be done. Showing God’s love and grace doesn’t mean it should be only to family and friends. He meant it for all people.”

-ReMend Mentor

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program: to be able to speak with a mentor changed how I view my illness.”

-ESRD Patient

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me realize how far I have come with facing ESRD. Your advice with addressing one obstacle at a time including moving forward with home peritoneal dialysis, getting my donor tested and having a transplant helped me to finally take control over my health instead of just relying on my medical team.”

-ESRD Patient

“I would love it if a potential dialysis or transplant patient could be paired with someone that has lived through the same experience. It would be helpful to me, therapeutic to them and some of the burden would be lifted off of the doctor”

-BNMG Doctor

“I believe that my positive attitude and approach to life along with support from others would get me through this difficult phase of my life”

-ReMend Mentor

“I am a survivor of many hardships and numerous health problems including kidney failure. My strong positive attitude, desire to have a good quality of life and support from my wife and my  medical team helped me through the process.”

-ReMend Mentor

“I created a bucket list of 20 items while in the hospital getting my transplant. I’m proud to say that eight months later I completed an item on my list – I climbed Mt. Whitney! “

-ReMend Mentor

 “I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, to give them back the time dialysis takes away from having a fuller and more active life.”

-ReMend Mentor

“The support from family, friends, medical professionals, and my faith is what helped me through the voyage with ESRD.”

-ReMend Mentor

Home Dialysis Blog

Dialysis Education

There are different types of treament for dialysis. One of them might be a good fit for your lifestyle and needs right now.

Options exist for more frequent dialysis, which can be offered in the patient’s home environment. This allows a patient much more flexibility with their lifestyle because they are not locked into going to a dialysis center three days a week, and it gives them the opportunity to stay working.

Home Dialysis

Die-alysis & “end-stage renal disease” sounds like it must be the end of your life. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Learn More

Patients Helping Patients

RPA – Remend Article Written By Dr. John Sadler

For many years Balboa Nephrology Medical Group, Inc. (BNMG) has been interested in a patient mentor program, but was never able to continuously sustain such a program. In late 2013, under the continued efforts and vision of Dr. Steven M. Steinberg, BNMG’s CEO, the Group gained traction through a not for profit CA 501 (c) corporation named ReMend. Read article

Living Kidney Donation

Kidneys donated from living donors offer better outcomes and a life-saving alternative to an often long, uncertain wait. Alternatives now exist.

The National Kidney Registry assists with matching living donors with potential recipients. People are now able to donate their kidney to help others live better lives…family, friends, even total strangers.


A successful kidney transplant may provide a better quality of life because it may mean greater freedom, more energy and a less strict diet.

Transplantation is not a cure; it’s an ongoing treatment that requires you to take medicines for the rest of your life.

A successful transplant takes a coordinated effort from your whole health care team. But the most important members of your health care team are you and your family.


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