About ReMend

ReMend provides no-cost mentoring, encouragement and guidance to those affected by kidney disease, their families and others involved in their care and treatment. Our mentors have undergone dialysis, successful kidney transplants or kidney donations – we are trusted sources of information based on our own personal experiences.

Our dedicated and trained volunteers are from all over San Diego County and many of them are willing to travel to a convenient place to meet.

Mentors are here to listen, provide encouragement and share success stories.

ReMend mentors can be the face of hope for anyone facing dialysis or a kidney transplant. We’re here to listen and provide encouragement, and most importantly, share our experiences.

We are living proof that life does not end with kidney disease. Whether someone is facing Chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis, possible kidney donation or a kidney transplant, the ReMend program empowers patients to move forward with their lives after being diagnosed with kidney disease. Support from friends, family and the renal care team is important, but talking to someone who has been in the same situation is often the best for calming nerves and realizing positive outcomes.

Get In Touch

As kidney disease progresses to kidney failure, many decisions must be made regarding treatment. ReMend mentors know this can be a confusing and stressful time.

We can provide guidance on:

  • Deciding on the type of dialysis – home or in clinic
  • Ways to prevent missed dialysis treatments
  • Ways to control fluid overload
  • Ideas for approaching friends or family as potential donors
  • The importance of transplant  medicine adherence